Master the skills and mindset to maximize positive impact

It’s #ActionDecade. We believe companies like yours can make a big difference in the transition towards a more sustainable world. That's why we teach teams to become Facilitators of Change. Join our masterclass!
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What you will learn

Based on the needs of your organisation we make a tailored learning experience where we teach you the skills and creative mindset to make positive impact. You will learn the following facilitation skills:
  • How to create an effective and inclusive remote working culture
  • Design and run engaging online meetings, workshops and events
  • Levels of engagement and listening
  • Understand group dynamics and cultural differences
  • Learn what exercises, tools & templates to use

How we help you to achieve your strategic targets faster

60% of a company’s success in becoming sustainable depends on their company culture. By enabling teams to put their collective energy and intelligence to work, we help you achieve needed sustainability targets. With a combination of business strategy, design thinking and world-class execution techniques we design online workshops and events that lead in their space.


Collaboration doesn’t happen when you bring people together. It must be thoughtfully designed, guided and encouraged. Facilitators foster collaboration by combining a new set of skills and tools

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Future leaders make a conscious effort to ensure the right people are in the room and diverse perspectives are included. They create an equal playing field for all participants to understand, share and participate.

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2020 taught us that online meetings require awesome facilitation and guidance to be productive. Future leaders adjust to the new remote reality, have skills that break down digital barriers and create meaningful connections.

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Action learning with our expert trainers

Our experienced Facilitators of Change help you to create an environment that encourages change. We teach teams the right soft skills for new ways of online engagement and collaboration. Our sessions are based on proven methods (design thinking, behavioral design and change management) but always very practical and hands on.

Let’s make an ezznd to endless discussions, unclear stategies, uninformed decisions and untapped potential. Become a facilitator of change.

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