How to innovate on Sustainability & Inclusion

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Making real impact: This is how we do it

We work with businesses to make a real impact on their people and the planet, using a holistic, human-centered approach.

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No KPIs, No change! The importance of measuring your sustainability efforts

During a session with our clients on sustainability, one of the participants rightly said, "No KPIs, no change." We couldn't agree more!

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Forget CSR. Be a good corporate citizen

It's not uncommon for any company today to have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) department, serving as a commitment to manage the social, environmental, and economic effects of its operations responsibly.

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4 small ways you can increase employee well-being based on research

Employee well-being directly affects how employees think and feel about their work and organization. In the best organizations, employees do not see their work as a source of unhappiness or constant stress, but as a contributor to their positive mental well-being and overall happiness and satisfaction.

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3 roles your company needs to accelerate Inclusion & Diversity

A diverse and inclusive work culture is important in any company's efforts to Do Good. As we’re seeing in the global Black Lives Matter movement, everyone should be on board to advocate for justice.

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Say goodbye to endless discussions and blind decision-making

At Limelights, we also use the sprint methodology in our own work with clients. Want to know why?

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Why you should become a B Corp

At the beginning of last year, we officially applied for a B Corporation certification: "a private certification of social and environmental performance of for-profit companies."

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3 tips on building a successful online conference

In September 2020 the Limelights team produced an action packed online conference for Syngenta, a global agriculture company helping to improve global food security by enabling millions of farmers to make better use of available resources.

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Green to Gold: How businesses can make sustainability profitable

The topic of sustainability dominates many discussions around business today. There's no question that building sustainable products and services is beneficial to people and planet – but what about profit?

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