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Name a sustainability-related topic, and we will share our top 3 go to’s. Books to read, podcasts to listen to, series to watch, you name it. From the energy transition to plant-based eating, any topic that will help you stay a sustainability frontrunner.

In this edition: Circular economy

🎓 Circular economy: here’s our 30 seconds catch up

From recycling existing materials to refurbishing or even leasing: the circular economy model aims to reduce waste to a minimum. When a product reaches the end of its life, its materials are kept within the economy wherever possible. This way of thinking is opposite from the traditional, linear economic model, which is based on take-make-consume-throw-away pattern.

Would you like to discover more on the topic of circularity? These three tips might help you to get going:

💡Must read: Cradle to Cradle - remaking the way we make things

When talking about circularity, Cradle to Cradle is one of those inspiring works that can’t be missed. Back in 2002, Michael Braungart and William McDonough wrote Cradle to Cradle, which proposes that designers think as much about what happens at the end of a product’s life cycle as they do about its beginning. Their shift in thought is still very pressing nowadays in our search for a more sustainable approach to manufacturing and therefore a must read if you ask us! Did you know that today, even a Cradle to Cradle Certification exists, based on safety, circularity and responsible use of materials and products?

🕒 Viewing time: 19 minutes
🏆 Closing argument
: Pioneers in our change of thought, now more relevant than ever!
🍿 Where to watch
: Buy the book here. No time to read? Watch this nice talk on TED, here.

🎙️ Must listen: IKEA - Organizational Transformation and Circular Design Principles

As the largest furniture retailer in the world, IKEA produces and sells a tremendous amount of products. How do they organize the transformation to a more circular business? Where do they start? And how do they manage their circularity? In this podcast, you will learn more about the organizational transformation and circular design principles they apply at IKEA. We find it a really inspiring story, hope you do too.

🎵 Listening time: 53 minutes
🏆 Closing argument
: Producing and selling thousands of products, while transforming to a circular business? Listen to how frontrunner IKEA does it!  
🎙️ Where to listen: ‘Circularity FM’. Listen here.

🛍️ Must watch: Paper beats plastic? How to rethink environmental folklore

We often believe that as long as something is recycled, it’s okay. Right? Unfortunately, there’s a little bit more to the story, as sustainability strategist Leyla Acaroglu beautifully explains in her famous TED talk. One of the best out there, really. She explains that, although most of us want to do the right thing when it comes to the environment, things aren’t as simple as opting for the paper bag. Definitely a must watch!

🕒 Viewing time: 17 minutes
🏆 Closing argument
: A bold approach that really changes your way of thinking.
🍿 Where to watch
: Watch it on TED, here.

Can’t get enough?

Excited about circularity and want to learn more? Check this out:

📖 Book must read: Waste to Wealth - The Circular Economy Advantage

Written by two Accenture executives (Peter Lacy and Jakob Rutqvist), the book explains the possible power of circularity. How? The authors highlight five different business models that both protect the environment ánd profits. They make their story practical by giving examples of how different companies have sought to extend the life of their products. A nice and easy read. Get a copy here.

There is more…

👉 Want to educate yourself on other relevant sustainability topics, but don’t seem to get going? Check out our latest top 3 must watch documentaries about regenerative agriculture here.

👉 Any other must see/watch/listen on the topic of circularity that should be in this blog? Share your tips with us and we will dive into it.

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