How to create a culture of learning and engagement to help your business change the world

First things first: What are Scope 3 emissions? Greenhouse gas emissions are categorized into three groups, or "scopes" 👇

Scope 1️⃣
= Direct emissions from owned or controlled sources (e.g. company vehicles).
Scope 2️⃣
= Indirect emissions from purchased electricity, steam, heating, and cooling.
Scope 3️⃣
= All other indirect emissions in a company's value chain (e.g. purchased goods and services, business travel, employee commuting, investments).

The benefits of measuring Scope 3 emissions

How creating a culture of learning and engagement can help your business tackle Scope 3 emissions
Here at Limelights, we truly believe that connected teams who are dedicated to learning are the teams that will change the world.

A culture of learning can help your team solve the biggest sustainability challenges by:
✅ Enabling employees to generate and transfer new knowledge to create value.
✅ Empowering employees to rise to challenges in a dynamic environment.
✅ Building an agile way of working, equipping employees to respond to disruptions quickly.
✅ Creating employees who are quick learners and flexible workers who can swiftly respond to the shifting demands of a dynamic economy.

Do you want to build a culture of solutions and effective decision-making? 👉 Shaping an engaged workforce is the way to go.

Find out what we've learned after talking to 60+ leaders worldwide about sustainably changing your company.

How to engage and align your workforce in a hybrid world
At Limelights, we specialize in facilitating impactful virtual events and workshops to help your team adapt and perform at the best in today's hybrid world. 

Not sure where to start? Here are some basic guidelines to be a successful hybrid team:
💻 Embrace social technology tools, like Slack and Zoom. Not only do these tools facilitate better, more effective communication and collaboration, but they also help build stronger relationships in the process.
📣 Encourage over communication! Hybrid working is an adjustment for any team, so building strong communication habits is key to making sure your team is aligned and on the same page.
🌱 Ask about your employees' well-being. Many people on your team might feel anxious about the future and the new changes it brings. Having consistent, open dialogue with your employees will give them a sense of stability to help them navigate these uncertain times.
💙 Work with Limelights! We'd love to help your business build a culture of learning through our alignment workshops, online summits, remote sprints, and facilitator of change programs, in which we empower your people to drive positive change.

👉 Let's get your team aligned and engaged to build solutions! Get in touch with us today.

Here you can find one of our case studies where we organized a two-day online learning experience for 150 people, powered by a team of 10 freshly trained in-company facilitators.

One solution to all your sustainability challenges.

We believe companies, especially the people within them, are the ones who have the opportunity to draw a positive path forward. Let us show you how.
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