Making real impact: This is how we do it

We work with businesses to make a real impact on their people and the planet, using a holistic, human-centered approach.

While we have packages with different goals (transformation, activation, and awareness), we always follow the same steps and methodology in all of the work we do – slightly tailored to each client’s needs, of course.

Based on our philosophy and using the sprint methodology, our way of working is fast-paced, data-informed, collaborative, human-centric, and, most importantly, fun! We work with you from the inside-out, driving co-creation with the diverse perspectives from your team.

After talking to leaders from global front-running companies, we found out what stands in their way from successfully changing their companies from within.

To create Do Good movements within your organization, our experienced team will go through these five steps with you (note that these steps can be recursive and non-linear):

1. Gather insights

We will interview at least three of your stakeholders and members from your target group to get a better understanding of the challenge you’re facing. We’ll also do desk research and put everything on the table (pun intended) to create a comprehensive overview and map the challenge of your target group’s context and situation.

2. Validate your story

Every good strategy starts with a powerful story. Using the Simon Sinek method, we’ll help you create it and connect it to the needs of your audience by creating personas in a fun, co-creation session. We will also prototype and test it to make sure it truly resonates with your target group.

3. Develop impact strategy

We’ll help you develop an impact strategy using the guiding principles of behavior design. We’ll make sure to include your goals and KPIs in the strategy, tailored to your organization and target audience. And then guess what? We prototype!

4. Build your creative concept

Let’s get creative! In order to make a real impact, you’ll need a solid concept for your (internal or external) campaign. This can be a creative concept, but it could also be an editorial formula such as a tone of voice guide. We’ll test this concept with your target audience and make sure it is connected to their needs and expectations. Surprise! More prototyping and iterating.

5. Implement plans and monitor your impact

Now that we’ve collected useful insights and developed your story, impact strategy, communication plan, and creative concept, we’ll help you roll it all out. We’ll make sure everything comes together and links back to the KPIs we set at the beginning of the process… And you guessed it! We’ll gather feedback and iterate. Let’s watch the impact happen!

Schedule a call to discover how we can help you to accelerate impact.

One solution to all your sustainability challenges.

We believe companies, especially the people within them, are the ones who have the opportunity to draw a positive path forward. Let us show you how.
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