Want to save up to 30% of your time and achieve more results? Redesign your meetings!

Do you often find yourself stuck in a meeting, wondering what you’re doing there and why this couldn’t have been a simple phone call?

Yes? You’re not alone.

The problem with meetings
Meetings are a common source of frustration, boredom, and a general waste of time for many people across organizations.

In fact, we typically spend 20% of an average day in meetings. In Workfront’s The State of Work 2019 report, 21% of workers said the single biggest thing that would help them do more is having fewer meetings.

It wouldn’t hurt to cut down on meetings: Thirty-one hours are spent on unproductive meetings every month (which sums up to around four working days). And in a world where time is money, ineffective meetings cost up to $399 billion in the US and $58 billion in the UK.

In today’s hybrid work environment, the number of meetings attended by a worker on average increased by 13.5%. Often with no agendas or precise planning, hybrid meetings have become even more counterproductive, frustrating, and inefficient.

But, not all meetings are bad. They can sometimes serve as a crucial factor to meet our goals. We use them to get aligned, co-create, and make things work.

Here’s the thing: Most meetings aren’t working. It’s time to rethink them.

Want to save valuable time? Sign-up for our interactive, 1-hour workshop and spend time on things you like.

Meetings of the future are inclusive, impactful, and healthy for everyone
We believe good meetings are designed and facilitated, leading to better outcomes for all.

👐 Designed and facilitated meetings are more inclusive.
In inclusive meetings, every team member feels like they have a chance to contribute. Having a facilitator in your meetings can help foster inclusivity by allowing everyone to contribute and minimising interruptions during the meeting.

🚀 Designed and facilitated meetings enable the team to make a more significant impact.
Well-designed meetings with an effective facilitator can help keep the team on track, allowing everyone to be laser-focused and work towards their shared purpose more constructively.

🌿 Designed and facilitated meetings boost employee well-being.
When we’re in meetings all day, we’re not taking care of ourselves. Designing and facilitating your meetings will increase efficiency across the organization, giving everyone much-needed time and space to take better care of themselves and their well-being.

Design and facilitate your meetings with Limelights
Organizations are its people – and people need to feel connected. 

The benefits of better meetings that are designed and facilitated include:
🔹 Higher levels of efficiency
🔹 Deeper connections among the team
🔹 Strong shared purpose

At Limelights, we can teach you how to have better meetings. Get the mindset, toolset, and skill set to lead and work more collaboratively in meetings – and have fun while doing it!

👉 Want to save 20% of your time in unproductive meetings? Get in touch with us today!

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