Why facilitation is the future of change leadership

Leadership nowadays is not about a position or a title. It’s more than just “being in charge.”

Today, leadership is about activating others, creating alignment, and encouraging change. In order to successfully do these things, we believe facilitation is a key leadership skill today and in years to come.

Not convinced? Check out the key challenges leaders face to achieve sustainable transformation:
🔻 Engaging their teams
🔻 Internal communication
🔻 Stakeholder communication
🔻 Aligning teams (#saynotosilos)
🔻 Turning vision into action

What crucial skill is needed to tackle all of these challenges? ⏩ Facilitation.

Defined as “the act of engaging participants in creating, discovering, and applying learning insights,” facilitation brings people together and enhances learning for everyone involved. A good facilitator knows how to listen, ask questions, solve problems, manage conflict, empathize, and lead effectively.

The power of facilitation
While external factors may influence the direction of an organization, the real drivers and movers of change are the people within your organization. You are in the driver's seat.

True leaders value facilitation skills because they know facilitators have the power to influence culture, lead by example, and engage hybrid teams. True leaders also understand that the real value of organizational culture lies in its ability to collaborate.

In our predominantly hybrid future, facilitation will become even more important. We need leaders who can step up and engage their teams, get everyone aligned, and drive sustainable change.

After talking to leaders from global front-running companies, we found out what stands in their way from successfully changing their companies from within.

Luckily for you, we at Limelights specialize in organizing and producing collaborative workshops, sprints, and summits, to help leaders engage with their people and drive sustainable change. We also train leaders and their employees to master the art of facilitation, giving them the tools to bring out the best in others.

Here you can find one of our case studies where we organized a two-day online learning experience for 150 people, powered by a team of 10 freshly trained in-company facilitators.

Our philosophy centres around a way of working that is fast-paced, data-informed, collaborative, human-centric, and, most importantly, fun! We work with you from the inside out, driving co-creation with the diverse perspectives of your team.

👉 Need help using facilitation to create long-lasting, sustainable change? Get in touch with us!

One solution to all your sustainability challenges.

We believe companies, especially the people within them, are the ones who have the opportunity to draw a positive path forward. Let us show you how.
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