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the problem

Sustainability doesn’t stick

Leaders often fail to integrate sustainability into their team's identity due to a lack of commitment and understanding of its importance.

We help you transform your company at a large scale. Forget boring change programs. Forget endless Powerpoints. We make your sustainability mission exciting to work on. Our programs set the energy just right to make people feel engaged and sharp on results. We change how people collaborate. Making co-creation and team responsibility the new norm. Because the secret key to change is people owning it.

you determine the goals, we’ll help you get there with our 3-step method developed based on 15+ years experience of designing and facilitating strategy workshops, employee events & accelerator programs

Limelights thrives on collaboration with a network of freelancers, agencies, and professionals to deliver outstanding results! We believe in the power of teamwork and open communication to bring your vision to life. Let's create something amazing together!"

step 1

Strategy workshops that map client needs drive success with tailored solutions. Unleash clarity, focus, and direction for optimal results!

step 2

Sketching solutions together in a workshop sparks creativity and collaboration, leading to innovative and effective outcomes. Get ready to bring your ideas to life and drive success as a team!

step 3

Collective voting empowers ownership by harnessing diverse perspectives, promoting accountability, encouraging collaboration and driving innovation.

companies don't change. It's people who change companies

Years of workshop experience
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Frontrunner companies worked for
Blocks of Lego ready for you to play with
Sticky notes that actually stick.

three products to help transform your company

employee events

Create a positive work culture with our Employee Events Package. Includes team-building that boosts morale.

Fosters a positive work culture
Boosts team morale
Encourages team-building
Celebrates milestones
Includes recognition programs
Ideal for start-ups
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strategy workshops

Empower companies with sustainable strategies. Tailored workshops to identify opportunities and implement effective action plans for immediate results.

Integrate sustainability practices
Identify opportunities for improvement
Develop effective action plans
Implement changes immediately for sustainable success.
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accelerator programmes

Sustainability accelerator programs help businesses adopt eco-friendly practices through mentorship, resources, and networking, leading to a positive impact on the environment and society.

Offers guidance and on sustainability
Tools for sustainability strategies.
Builds a network
Helps develop and execute
Results in positive social impact
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strategy workshops built around your business challenge

Together we accelerate business sustainability, together we'll get your colleagues all in.

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