AI for Good hackathon, working together on a series of AI challenges

+150 AI-powered people from all over the world collaborating together with AI tools as Chat GPT & Dall-E. From co-creating AI Playbooks to working on challenges initiated by IKEA, Enlabeler & Fizzbake

I loved co-creating the AI for Good Playbook in only 10 minutes! Mad!
Maria Halse Duloquin

a look at what we did

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Supercharging 150 people with AI for Good

Discover how Limelights organized an AI for Good Hackathon, bringing together more than 150 empowered individuals to tackle a series of challenges that left us in awe. This extraordinary event united AI enthusiasts from around the world, collaborating with #chatgpt and #dalle to achieve mind-blowing results.

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What did we do in three hours?

Part One: Igniting the Spark
  • Introduction to AI: Exploring Use Cases and Prompt Writing
  • Tools: Harnessing the Power of Chat GPT, DALL-E, Jasper AI, and Synthesia
  • Break-out: How will AI revolutionize your work life?
  • Break-out: Co-creating the AI for Good Playbook
  • Result: Access the playbook at for a dose of luck!
Part Two: Fueling the Momentum
  • Introduction to Speakers and Challenges
  • Break-out into Three Groups:
  • Challenge One: Unleashing the Role of Humans in the AI Decade
  • Challenge Two: Supercharging Your Creativity with AI Tools
  • Challenge Three: Designing a Better Future through AI Collaboration

The AI for Good Hackathon was an exhilarating journey, where passionate participants came together to unlock the potential of AI for positive impact. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies and collaborative problem-solving, attendees produced groundbreaking solutions to real-world challenges.

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