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500+ people hybrid all-hands in APAC as part of a 8-month sustainability accelerator

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Laura Houldsworth, Managing Director Asia Pacific, Booking.com

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Driving Sustainability in APAC

Discover how our tailored 500+ people hybrid all-hands event and 7-month program empowered Booking.com to co-create a culture of sustainability and drive climate action in the APAC region.

About Booking.com

Booking.com, a leading global online travel platform, is committed to driving sustainability and responsible business practices. As part of their sustainability agenda, they partnered with Limelights to ignite collective action in the APAC region.

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Building a Culture of Sustainability in APAC

Booking.com recognized the need to drive sustainability in the APAC region and establish a culture that fosters climate action. Their objective was to engage and inspire employees across APAC to collectively contribute to sustainability initiatives aiming to become the Go To sustainable travel provider in APAC.

The Solution: a 500+ people hybrid workshop + 7-month program

Limelights orchestrated a powerful hybrid all-hands event, bringing together Booking.com's employees in the APAC region. Through a combination of in-person and virtual sessions, participants were immersed in an energetic and action-oriented environment designed to drive sustainable change.

During the event, participants collaborated to co-create collective climate action strategies. Leveraging the expertise and diverse perspectives of the attendees, a multitude of ideas were generated to foster sustainability practices within the organisation.

The workshop was followed by a 7-month program up-skilling 32 change-makers while accelerating 5 sustainability projects. Learn by doing.

The result: cultivating a culture of sustainability

The hybrid all-hands event in combination with the 7-month program served as a catalyst for change within Booking.com's APAC region. By empowering employees to actively participate in co-creating sustainable initiatives, a culture of sustainability was cultivated. The event not only generated concrete actions but also fostered a sense of ownership and commitment among participants.

The collective climate action strategies developed during the event provided a roadmap for practical and impactful initiatives that where accelerated during the 7-month program. Through this collaborative approach, Booking.com is poised to make a lasting impact on the environment and inspire sustainable practices in the APAC region.

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