Connecting 1600 colleagues in a hybrid global event

Global connection, local interaction: brainstorming opportunities and cascading strategies in an online Global Summit.

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Empowering global collaboration: Partners Group's hybrid global summit

Discover how Limelights partnered with Partners Group, a leading global investment manager, to connect 1600 colleagues in a dynamic and interactive hybrid global event. By combining global connection with local interaction, we created an innovative platform for brainstorming opportunities and cascading strategies during the online Global Summit.

About Partners Group

Partners Group is a global private markets investment management firm dedicated to delivering superior returns and sustainable growth across various asset classes. With a forward-thinking approach, Partners Group focuses on long-term value creation, strategic investments, and responsible stewardship. Operating in numerous countries worldwide, Partners Group is committed to driving innovation and shaping the future of investments.

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The challenge: Uniting a global workforce

Partners Group recognized the importance of fostering collaboration and aligning their global workforce towards common goals. With colleagues spread across different regions, they sought to create a shared platform where ideas could be exchanged, strategies could be refined, and collective solutions could be developed.

The solution: A hybrid global summit

Limelights orchestrated an extraordinary hybrid global event, uniting Partners Group's 1600 colleagues. By leveraging the power of both in-person and virtual sessions, we provided a platform that enabled real-time interaction and engagement, regardless of geographical boundaries. The Global Summit fostered an energetic and action-oriented environment where colleagues collaborated, brainstormed, and co-created strategies to drive Partners Group's success.

The results: Amplifying global collaboration

The hybrid Global Summit proved to be a transformative event for Partners Group, igniting global collaboration and reinforcing their shared commitment to success. Colleagues with diverse backgrounds and expertise united to exchange ideas, disrupt traditional thinking, and shape the future of investments.

By fostering a culture of active participation and harnessing the collective intelligence of their workforce, Partners Group gained invaluable insights, developed innovative strategies, and established a unified vision that transcended regional boundaries. The Global Summit served as a catalyst for enhanced collaboration, ensuring that Partners Group remains at the forefront of investment management.

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