Building circular business together with your strategic partners

A three hour workshop exploring new opportunities and circular inspiration

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Building circular business together

Discover how Limelights partnered with Arcadis, along with their strategic partners Over Morgen, Copper8, and Metabolic, to foster circularity and inspire sustainable change. Step into the Sustainability Lab in Amsterdam for a dynamic 3-hour Circular Community Workshop, where leaders come together to explore opportunities, share circular inspiration, and drive transformative action.

About Arcadis

Arcadis is a global design and consultancy organization that thrives on creating sustainable solutions for a better world. With a focus on enhancing quality of life and shaping the future, Arcadis empowers clients to tackle complex challenges while prioritizing social, environmental, and economic impact. Collaborating with Limelights, Arcadis aims to build a circular future through innovative workshops like the Circular Community Workshop.

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The challenge: Embracing circular business for a sustainable future

Arcadis understands the urgency of transitioning to a circular economy and reshaping traditional business models. To embrace circularity fully, they sought to engage leaders, spark inspiration, and identify tangible actions to integrate circular principles into their operations. The goal was to foster a circular community, where collaboration and collective expertise could drive sustainable solutions.

The solution: Empowering change through co-creation

Limelights designed the Circular Community Workshop as an interactive and thought-provoking experience. By bringing together key stakeholders, including Arcadis and their strategic partners, the workshop created a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and the exploration of circular opportunities. Expert facilitators guided the participants through engaging activities, brainstorming sessions, and co-creation exercises.

Throughout the workshop, participants discovered innovative ways to integrate circular principles into their business strategies, products, and services. The focus on actionable solutions and tangible outcomes ensured that the Circular Community Workshop was not just an inspirational event but a catalyst for real change.

The results: Fostering circular innovation and collaboration

The Circular Community Workshop delivered remarkable results for Arcadis and its partners. By leveraging the collective expertise and enthusiasm of the participants, the workshop generated a wealth of innovative ideas and practical initiatives. Together, they developed ten executable solutions for various strategic challenges, advancing circularity within Arcadis and beyond.

Beyond the outcomes, the workshop created a foundation for a thriving circular community within Arcadis. Participants gained valuable insights, expanded their networks, and developed the skills necessary to drive circular innovation in their respective roles. The workshop sparked a shift in mindset and established a platform for ongoing collaboration, ensuring that circularity remains at the forefront of Arcadis' sustainability efforts.

Join the movement for circular excellence

If you're a leader in a large corporation seeking to embrace circular business practices, Limelights is here to support you. Our energetic and action-oriented consultants specialize in facilitating transformative workshops like the Circular Community Workshop. Let us guide your organization towards circular success, foster collaboration, and accelerate the transition to a sustainable future.

Ready to Take the Next Step? Contact Limelights today to explore how our tailored approach, strategic facilitation, and transformative workshops can empower your organization to embrace circularity and drive sustainable change. Let's collaborate to unlock the full potential of your organization and create a brighter, circular future.

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