Design for Good, a global design sprint on circular plastic

Bar to bar, cup to cup, 1 challenge, 13 big ideas and 5 actionable plans in a 4-day design sprint with participants from all over the globe together in Amsterdam

Amazing experience working together on accelerating circularity!
Paulien Hollering, Developer Product Technology - Global Supply Chain @ Heineken International

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Pioneering circular plastic cups

Discover how our tailored 4-day design sprint empowered Heineken International to create a unified visitor journey, generate lot's of innovative ideas, and develop actionable pilot plans to achieve 100% circular plastic cups at events.

About Heineken International

Heineken International is a leading global brewery with a strong commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.

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Making plastic cups 100% circular

Heineken International has a strong commitment to reduce waste and enhance the circularity of their plastic cups. Their objective was to bring together a diverse group of over 20 experts and stakeholders to collaboratively create a unified visitor journey for all markets and generate a multitude of ideas. Participants came from countries as Mexico, Netherlands, Brasil, Belgium and Portugal; each with it's own challenges to make plastic use circular.

The solution: a 4-day design sprint

Limelights facilitated a dynamic and intensive 4-day design sprint to address their challenge. The design sprint involved cross-functional teams working together to create a comprehensive visitor journey and co-create over 250 ideas. Through a rigorous filtering process we selected 13 significant ideas which were distilled into 5 actionable pilot plans.

The results: accelerating sustainability

The design sprint not only delivered concrete actions but also fostered a culture of collaboration, empowering diverse teams to contribute their expertise and insights. By creating a unified visitor journey, the company can streamline their approach across markets, ensuring consistent and impactful experiences.

The co-creation generated a wealth of innovative solutions, demonstrating Heineken International's commitment to sustainability and circularity. And the 5 actionable pilot plans provide a clear roadmap for implementing practical and sustainable initiatives that will transform Heineken International's plastic cup lifecycle.

Join the movement for circular solutions

If your organization is eager to drive sustainability and make a lasting impact, Limelights is here to help. With our expertise in design sprints and strategic facilitation, we can guide your team in developing actionable plans and innovative solutions.

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