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A 2-day workshop reconnecting MTV with GenZ

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Reconnecting MTV with GenZ in co-creation with global influencers

Discover how Limelights collaborated with MTV to create powerful connections with influential youngsters and co-create new creative formats. Through an immersive workshop experience, we helped MTV develop an overall strategy and campaign concepts that strengthened their connection with the next generation.

About MTV

MTV, a renowned global entertainment brand, is dedicated to shaping popular culture and connecting with young audiences worldwide. Recognizing the importance of staying relevant and engaging with influential youngsters, MTV partnered with Limelights to embark on a transformative journey of connection and innovation.

The challenge: Connecting with influential youngsters

MTV sought to bridge the gap between their brand and influential youngsters, a group known for their impact on popular culture and trends. The challenge was to develop a deep understanding of their mindset, aspirations, and preferences in order to create authentic connections and deliver compelling content. The goal was to co-create an overall strategy and campaign concepts that resonate with this influential audience.

The Solution: A two day co-creation

Limelights designed and facilitated an energetic two-day co-creation workshop in Amsterdam, bringing together 20 participants from all over the world, including influential youngsters, MTV representatives, and strategic partners. This dynamic workshop took place at various locations in Amsterdam, fostering a vibrant and inspiring environment.

Through interactive activities, immersive experiences, and collaborative sessions, participants engaged in deep conversations, shared insights, and sparked creative ideas. Limelights guided the process, leveraging the diverse perspectives and expertise of the participants to co-create two highly visual brand books. These brand books enriched the pre-chosen theme, based on qualitative research, with strategic insights and campaign concepts, providing MTV with a strong foundation to strengthen their connection with influential youngsters.

The results: Inspiring connections and creative breakthroughs

The co-creation workshop empowered MTV to establish authentic connections with influential youngsters and reimagine their brand strategy. Through the collaboration with global influencers, MTV gained fresh perspectives, cultural insights, and innovative ideas that fueled their creative breakthroughs. The brand books became powerful tools, guiding MTV in developing impactful campaigns and engaging content that resonated with their target audience.

Empowering MTV to drive meaningful change

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