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Igniting connection with Generation Z

Discover how Limelights partnered with Nike to bridge the gap between the EAME leadership team and Generation Z. With a tailor-made one-day workshop, we activated the Nike Netherlands management team, immersing them in the world of Generation Z and fostering a deep understanding of their perspective.

About Nike

Nike, a global leader in athletic footwear, apparel, and sports equipment, is committed to empowering athletes and inspiring innovation. With a focus on connecting with diverse audiences, Nike recognized the importance of understanding Generation Z, the next generation of consumers. In collaboration with Limelights, Nike embarked on a journey to connect their leadership team with the unique mindset and values of Generation Z.

The challenge: Connecting with Generation Z

Nike aimed to bridge the gap between their leadership team and Generation Z, a group known for their distinct attitudes, behaviors, and preferences. The challenge was to create an immersive experience that would allow the Nike team to step into the shoes of Generation Z, gaining valuable insights and developing strategies to connect authentically with this important consumer segment.

The solution: An energetic immersion into Gen Z culture

Limelights executed an energetic and transformative workshop, bringing together participants from Nike's management team, marketing, communication, influential Gen Z individuals, and representatives from companies with a strong Gen Z connection. The workshop provided a unique opportunity for the Nike team to explore the heart and soul of Generation Z.

Through a combination of interactive activities, group discussions, and knowledge sharing, participants gained firsthand experience and deepened their understanding of Generation Z's perspectives, values, and aspirations. The workshop created an environment of collaboration, sparking inspiration and generating innovative ideas to establish meaningful connections with Generation Z.

The results: Inspiring connections and fresh perspectives

The immersive workshop proved to be an inspiring and eye-opening experience for the Nike team. By stepping into the shoes of Generation Z, participants gained valuable insights that would shape their future strategies and initiatives. The workshop sparked creativity, deepened empathy, and facilitated open dialogue between Nike and Generation Z influencers.

With newfound understanding, Nike was equipped to create impactful campaigns, products, and experiences that resonate with Generation Z. The workshop's lasting impact extended beyond the event, as the Nike team embraced a mindset of continuous learning and adaptation to stay relevant in an ever-evolving market.

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