Facilitators of Change, a six month accelerator program

A training to fast-track the sustainability transition within ProRail

We have achieved goals that we didn't achieve in the last two years
Reinout Wissenburg, Director of Sustainability ProRail

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Facilitators of Change, a six month accelerator program

Discover how Limelights served as catalysts for change within ProRail, spearheading the transformative Facilitators of Change program - a six-month accelerator designed to fast-track sustainability transition within the organization. We equipped ProRail's leaders with the tools and techniques needed to navigate the complexities of sustainability, fostering both behavioral and content-related transformation.

About ProRail

ProRail, a leading infrastructure manager in the Netherlands, is committed to enhancing the safety and efficiency of the country's railway network. Recognizing the importance of sustainability in the corporate landscape, ProRail is on a mission to achieve their 2030 goals and drive positive environmental impact. To propel this endeavor, ProRail partnered with Limelights to develop and implement the game-changing Facilitators of Change program.

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The challenge: Accelerating sustainability transition

ProRail faced the challenge of successfully integrating sustainability practices across their operations. As sustainability is a comprehensive concept, it can be daunting for large corporations to effectively tackle the 2030 goals. ProRail sought to bridge this gap by empowering their leaders with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to drive sustainability initiatives. The objective was to achieve results that had previously eluded them.

The solution: Empowering change agents

Limelights developed the Facilitators of Change program, a dynamic and immersive training experience that combined behavioral and content-related transformation. Over the course of six months, ProRail's leaders were equipped with practical tools and techniques to guide the sustainability change process. Through collaborative workshops, engaging exercises, and expert facilitation, participants gained the necessary skills to mobilize stakeholders, unlock diverse perspectives, and make informed decisions.

The program instilled a sprint methodology, challenging participants to experiment, learn, and adapt—a vital approach in the ever-evolving landscape of sustainability. By combining theory with hands-on application, the Facilitators of Change program empowered ProRail leaders to navigate complex discussions, accelerate progress, and take decisive action.

The results: Achieving unprecedented milestones

ProRail's commitment to the Facilitators of Change program yielded remarkable results. As quoted by Reinout Wissenburg, Director of Sustainability at ProRail, they achieved outcomes that had eluded them in the previous two years. The program provided participants with powerful tools to guide change processes, facilitating collaboration, and generating impactful outcomes.

Through the Facilitators of Change program, ProRail leaders gained the expertise to engage stakeholders effectively, harness diverse perspectives, and make informed decisions. The sprint methodology fueled a sense of momentum and allowed for agile adjustments, ensuring sustainability efforts remained adaptive and effective. The program's hands-on approach enabled immediate application, reinforcing learning and creating lasting impact within the organization.

Join the movement for Sustainable transformation

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