Serious Play, A workshop to turn strategy into action

A one day offsite to bring the strategy to life and to connect the dots

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Turning strategy into action: PVH's serious play workshop

Discover how Limelights partnered with PVH, a global leader in apparel, to transform their strategy into actionable outcomes through a dynamic Serious Play workshop. In a one-day offsite, we brought the strategy to life and connected the dots, utilizing the power of design thinking and the innovative Lego Serious Play methodology.

About PVH

PVH is a renowned multinational apparel company, home to iconic brands such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, PVH strives to deliver exceptional fashion experiences to customers worldwide. In their pursuit of strategic success, PVH collaborated with Limelights to unlock the full potential of their strategy through a Serious Play workshop.

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The challenge: Bridging strategy and execution

PVH recognized the importance of translating their strategic vision into tangible actions and outcomes. They sought to bridge the gap between strategy and execution by engaging their team members in a collaborative and immersive experience. The objective was to bring clarity, alignment, and actionable insights to their strategic initiatives.

The solution: A dynamic serious play workshop

Limelights orchestrated a transformative one-day offsite workshop, designed to bring PVH's strategy to life and connect the dots. Through the utilization of design thinking and the innovative Lego Serious Play methodology, participants engaged in a hands-on and interactive experience.

During the workshop, team members collaborated and shared their insights, perspectives, and ideas. The Lego Serious Play methodology facilitated communication, creative problem-solving, and encouraged participants to think in three-dimensional representations. By constructing Lego models that represented their thoughts, participants gained a deeper understanding of the strategy, identified connections, and generated actionable outcomes.

The results: From strategy to action

The Serious Play workshop proved instrumental in turning PVH's strategy into action. Through the collaborative environment and innovative methodologies, team members gained a holistic view of the strategic landscape and identified key areas for focused implementation.

By leveraging the collective intelligence of the participants, the workshop created a shared understanding, fostered alignment, and enhanced ownership of the strategic initiatives. Participants left the workshop with a clear plan of actionable steps, empowered to drive the execution of the strategy and make a tangible impact within the organization.

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