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Empowering innovation at RoyalHaskoning DHV

Discover how Limelights partnered with RoyalHaskoning DHV to ignite innovation and reimagine the spaces we live, work, and thrive in. Introducing the Summer University Campus, a dynamic digital playground designed to foster collaboration and tackle business challenges head-on. This two-day online event is not just a learning experience but a catalyst for lasting impact.

About RoyalHaskoning DHV Digital

RoyalHaskoning DHV is a leading global engineering and project management consultancy committed to creating sustainable solutions for a better future. With a focus on improving society, RoyalHaskoning DHV empowers organizations to navigate complex challenges and drive positive change. In their quest to rethink spaces, they partnered with Limelights to create a transformative learning experience: The Summer University Campus.

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The challenge: Reinventing spaces for sustainable success

RoyalHaskoning DHV Digital recognized the need to challenge conventional thinking and reimagine the spaces we inhabit. To achieve this, they aimed to cultivate an environment of innovation and co-creation that would address strategic challenges and unlock new possibilities. The goal was to develop executable solutions for diverse business challenges while fostering a collaborative and forward-thinking mindset.

The solution: Accelerating change through co-creation

Limelights curated the Summer University Campus, assembling a talented cohort of ten dedicated facilitators from within RoyalHaskoning DHV. These facilitators underwent intensive training to guide the organization through the innovation journey. By dividing 150 colleagues into ten Design Sprint teams, each focused on a specific strategic challenge, the program sparked creative thinking, rapid ideation, and prototype development.

Through a combination of agile methodologies and strategic facilitation techniques, the Summer University Campus empowered participants to explore fresh perspectives, challenge assumptions, and co-create actionable solutions. The digital platform served as a collaborative playground, enabling seamless communication and knowledge sharing, ultimately propelling the organization's sustainability transition.

The results: Cultivating innovation and impact

By harnessing the collective expertise and creativity of their employees, the program yielded ten executable solutions for diverse strategic challenges. Beyond the tangible results, the Summer University Campus instilled a culture of innovation and empowered individuals to drive sustainable change throughout the organization.

Participants gained valuable skills, techniques, and tools to navigate complex challenges, harnessing the power of design sprints, agile methodologies, and effective stakeholder engagement. The program provided the foundation for a sustainable mindset, fostering ongoing collaboration and continuous improvement within RoyalHaskoning DHV.

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