A series of workshops with the Sustainability Leadership Team

Co-creating solutions to support farmers to become more sustainable and productive and bringing people and teams together and transform the business

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Empowering business sustainability transformation

Discover how Limelights partnered with Syngenta, a global leader in agriculture, to drive business sustainability and empower their teams to make a positive impact on the environment and society. Through a series of dynamic workshops, we collaborated with Syngenta's Business Sustainability Leadership Team to co-create a comprehensive sustainability strategy and develop solutions that transform the industry.

About Syngenta

Syngenta is a global leader in agricultural science and innovation, dedicated to improving food security and sustainability. With a strong commitment to sustainable agriculture, Syngenta develops solutions that enable farmers to grow more food with fewer resources, protect the environment, and enhance the well-being of rural communities. By leveraging their expertise in seed genetics, crop protection, and digital technologies, Syngenta strives to address the challenges of global food production while promoting responsible stewardship of natural resources. Operating in over 90 countries and headquartered in Switzerland, Syngenta is at the forefront of driving positive change in the agricultural industry.

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The challenge: Nurturing sustainable growth

Syngenta recognized the urgent need to address sustainability challenges in the agriculture sector. With a commitment to sustainable and productive farming, they sought to develop a holistic business sustainability strategy that would guide their actions for the next five years. They also aimed to support farmers in adopting sustainable practices while fostering collaboration and driving transformative change within the organization.

The solution: Co-creation for sustainable success

Limelights orchestrated a series of immersive offsite workshops in Europe, uniting Syngenta's Business Sustainability Leadership Team. In an energetic and action-oriented environment, we facilitated collaborative sessions to co-create Syngenta's business sustainability strategy. From defining a North Star vision to setting five-year must-win objectives and one-year targets, we ensured that every step was aligned with Syngenta's mission and values.

During these workshops, we also developed innovative solutions to support farmers in adopting sustainable and productive practices. By harnessing the collective expertise and diverse perspectives of the participants, we generated practical ideas and strategies to transform the industry while enhancing Syngenta's competitive advantage.

The results: Empowering sustainable farming

The workshops held by Limelights acted as a catalyst for change within Syngenta. By actively engaging the Business Sustainability Leadership Team, we cultivated a sense of ownership and commitment to driving sustainability throughout the organization. Concrete actions were identified, and a roadmap for impactful initiatives emerged, leading to the transformation of Syngenta's approach to business sustainability.

Through this collaborative process, Syngenta is now well-positioned to make a lasting positive impact on the environment, society, and the agriculture industry as a whole. By empowering farmers to adopt sustainable practices and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, Syngenta sets an example for the entire sector to follow.

Ignite sustainable transformation in your industry

If you're a leader in a large corporation seeking to drive sustainability and transform your industry, Limelights is here to support you. Our energetic and action-oriented consultants, equipped with expertise in strategic facilitation, are ready to guide your organization towards sustainable solutions. Together, we can inspire your teams to make a difference and create a better future for all.

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