Tony's Chocolonely Impact Sprint

5 days to solve the challenge to connect more mission allies to the Open Chain

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Transforming the chocolate industry: Tony's Chocolonely Impact Design Sprint

Discover how Limelights helped Tony's Chocolonely embark on a transformative journey by facilitating an Impact Design Sprint. Over the course of five days, we empowered Tony's Chocolonely to solve the challenge of connecting more mission allies to the Open Chain, revolutionizing the chocolate industry and fostering a fair and sustainable cocoa supply chain.

About Tony's Chocolonely

Tony's Chocolonely, a renowned chocolate brand, is on a mission to eradicate slavery and create a 100% slave-free chocolate industry. With a strong commitment to transparency and delicious chocolate, Tony's Chocolonely has become a driving force for change. To expand their network of mission allies, they partnered with Limelights to facilitate an impactful Impact Design Sprint.

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The challenge: Connecting more mission allies to the open chain

Tony's Chocolonely recognized the need to extend their network of mission allies to drive systemic change in the chocolate industry. Together with Limelights, they aimed to co-create innovative solutions that fostered collaborations and engaged like-minded organizations. The objective was to create a vibrant ecosystem of allies committed to the same cause.

The solution: Empowering collaborative innovation for impact

Limelights stepped in to facilitate an immersive five-day Impact Design Sprint, leveraging our expertise in collaborative facilitation and human-centered design. Through a structured process and powerful facilitation techniques, we guided Tony's Chocolonely and their team of leaders to tackle the challenge head-on, unleashing their creativity, expertise, and perspectives.

Day 1: mapping the landscape

Limelights facilitated an interactive session where participants dove deep into the current state of the chocolate industry. Together, we mapped out the opportunities and barriers to connecting mission allies, fostering a shared understanding of the landscape and identifying key areas for potential collaboration.

Day 2: sketching future possibilities

In a series of breakout sessions, facilitated by Limelights, participants ideated and sketched innovative ideas to connect more mission allies. We encouraged bold thinking, challenged assumptions, and fostered an environment of creative exploration, enabling participants to envision transformative possibilities.

Day 3: deciding on the best path forward

Facilitated by Limelights, participants converged on the most promising ideas and engaged in collaborative decision-making. We provided frameworks and facilitated discussions that enabled data-driven evaluations and prioritization, ensuring the selection of strategies with the greatest potential for impact.

Day 4: prototyping the future

Limelights guided participants through a hands-on prototyping session, providing the necessary tools and techniques to bring their ideas to life. We facilitated cross-functional collaboration, encouraging rapid prototyping and iteration to transform concepts into tangible prototypes.

Day 5: testing for impact

In the final day of the sprint, Limelights facilitated a testing and validation phase, guiding participants in gathering feedback and insights from potential users. Through this iterative process, participants refined their prototypes, ensuring they were practical, feasible, and aligned with Tony's Chocolonely's mission.

The results: Driving positive change

Through Limelights' facilitation of the Impact Design Sprint, Tony's Chocolonely gained the tools and insights to drive positive change in the chocolate industry. By harnessing the collective expertise and creativity of the participants, transformative solutions emerged, fostering collaborations and propelling Tony's Chocolonely's mission of creating a slave-free chocolate industry.

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